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A classic dungeon crawler


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Dungeon Heroes is a first-person role game that follows in the footsteps of the 90s dungeon crawlers, where players could gather a group of adventurers and delve into the depths of a dungeon full of dangers.

Players can control one to four different heroes, including warriors, clergymen, wizards and rogues. Each character comes with particular skills, with which fans of the game will already be familiar. Even though you can only play four characters, you have nine to choose from.

In Dungeon Heroes, combat goes in turns. Your enemy will attack, and then it will be your characters' turn, in a certain order, to decide how to retaliate... casting a spell, attacking, using an object, escaping, etc.

In addition to combat, Dungeon Heroes will also test your intelligence with other puzzles, and you will be able to access dark hallways and rooms.

Dungeon Heroes is a classic dungeon crawler that, despite its rather old-fashioned graphics, has a very fun and addictive game mechanics.

The beta version of the game only includes the first level of the jungle.

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